Sequoyah Hills

Sequoyah Hills is a gorgeous neighborhood located near Western Knoxville, Tennessee. It was initially developed as an agricultural area called Looney’s Bend. Since then, it has grown into one of Knoxville's most affluent suburbs.

It also features highly-rated public schools, making it an excellent location to raise a family. Sequoyah Hills is conveniently located between West Knoxville and Downtown Knoxville, so you’ll always have easy access to work-life and all the other fun stuff you like to do. The town is very close to Cherokee Country Club, where you can take a tour, experience fine dining, enjoy social interests, or play a few rounds of golf.

Sequoyah Hills also boasts its own park, Cherokee Boulevard, with multiple sports fields, a playground, and an exercise field. Sequoyah Hills offers enough dining options to satisfy your inner foodie. You’ll be able to take your pick of tantalizing dining options, including The Plaid Apron, which serves minimalist American breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.

You’ll also have a number of different cultural dining options, like Gosh Ethiopian Restaurant, WokChow Fire Seared Asian, El Charro Mexican Restaurant, and Sk African Cuisine. After your meal, make sure you stop by one of Sequoyah Hills' many bars and lounges. You can enjoy outdoor drinking at Union Jack’s English Pub or visit The Vault, a refurbished bank basement bar.

Sequoyah Hills has two zip codes, 37919 and 37923, and a modest population of around 30,000.

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