Previously known as Campbellā€™s Station, Farragut was renamed after Admiral David Farragut, who served in the American Civil War. David Farragut was an accomplished Union soldier who also served in the War of 1812 and fought against Caribbean piracy.

Today, Farragut is a family-friendly suburban town, and its public schools are among the highest-rated in the region. Even though there are many desirable places to live in Tennesee, Farragut is well known for being one of the best. In regard to housing, Farragut is one of the more restricted areas. However, they offer an array of amenities in exchange. The varied list of amenities includes golfing, greenway trails, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

With its beautiful and diverse scenery, Farragut is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors. Take a stroll down one of their many walking paths or spend the day on the water. Farragut is close to several local lakes, which provides a ton of opportunities for recreational activities. You can choose between the Twin Lakes, Kirby Lake, Retention Pond, Little Turkey Creek, and many others.

In addition to its incredible natural sights and activities, Farragut is home to Knoxville's most prominent strip mall, Turkey Creek. Turkey Creek has everything you could possibly need in it, including an expansive selection of dining, retail, office, residential opportunities, and even a hospital.

Farragut has three zip codes, 37932, 322933, and 37934.

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