If you want to be at the heart of Knoxville, there’s no better option than Downtown. It was founded by James White, a former captain in American Revolutionary War. Although it was initially a cluster of cabins and forts, it has since grown into a bustling metropolitan area.

Downtown Knoxville is very close to the University of Tennessee’s college campus, which means you’ll have easy access to all the sporting action and big concerts that come into town. It also houses the central business district, giving residents easy access to employment opportunities. In addition to that, it offers a broad mix of housing types to meet all of your needs.

The thing that makes Downtown Knoxville so great is that it thrives off of local businesses and their desire to grow and make their dreams come true. And at the same time, it has no shortage of recreational opportunities. On any given day, you can take a trip to the Tennessee Theatre, Bijou Theatre, Knoxville’s Museum of Art, or the Knoxville Convention Center. You’ll also be a short drive away from iconic structures like the Sun Sphere and L&N Station.

Downtown Knoxville has all the comforts provided by city life, including access to delivery items and motorized rental scooters. However, despite its modern offerings, Downtown Knoxville is home to the oldest buildings in Knoxville. On the outskirts of Downtown, you’ll find the captivating historical housing districts, like 4th and Gill.

Even though Downtown is a metropolitan area, the charms of rural Tennessee are always just a few minutes away. You can spend a couple of nights renting out a lakefront cabin or visiting one of Tennessee’s gorgeous national parks whenever you need a break from city life. Or, you can take a stroll down the riverwalk for an unbridled taste of nature.

Downtown Knoxville encompasses a number of zip codes, including 37901, 37902, 37929, and 37995.

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