Cedar Bluff

Cedar Bluff, which was briefly named Jefferson between the years 1837 to 1842, grew from a small settlement of eight stores and four saloons into the charming neighborhood it's known as today.

If you want an area that’s known for having homes with very large lots, this is the one! With just 1,500 residents and an average age of 48, Cedar Bluff is perfect for anyone looking to relocate to the suburbs. Located in Knox, Cedar Bluff is convenient to literally anything, which makes exploring all Knoxville has to offer a breeze.

Living in this area means you hardly have to touch the interstate when traveling locally. And don’t let the small-town charm fool you! Cedar Bluff offers a diverse mix of eateries, including Northshore Brasserie, Nama Sushi Bar, and Mexican Lindo. Every Knoxville neighborhood offers something unique, and Cedar Bluff is no exception.

Because of its close proximity to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Cedar Bluff is home to many of West Knoxville’s office and technology parks. In addition to being a great place to work, Cedar Bluff has a highly rated public school district.

Cedar Bluff is one of the best neighborhoods for a small-town feel, with plenty of job opportunities, great schools, and beautiful homes. As you can tell by the 37923 zip code, Cedar Bluff is located between Kingston Pike and Middlebrook Pike, allowing easy access to just about anywhere you want to go.

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